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NGO Formation Services Delhi

The full form of NGO is Non Governmental Organisation. The commercial clients and NGO’s differ considerably. The commercial organisations aim for profit making. They are concerned only with this. But the purpose of existence of a NGO is totally opposite. It aims at the well being of various aspects of the human society or even the animals. They are not at all concerned with profit making. The legal framework, working environment, compliance and statutory requirements are all very different from the general commercial organisations.


NGO Formation Services

The provision of consultative, legal and professional services to many clients is offered by the NGO department of Proton Advisors. The formation of an NGO needs a lot of legal work. The Proton Advisors are true specialists in this aspect. The different modes like Section 25 company, Trust, Society, etc, Registration of Income Tax like Section 35AC registration, Income Tax Act Registration’s Section 12A and 80G, etc, legal compliance and registration, NGO Compliance and Auditing services, etc. are all looked after and used to guide the NGO clientele.


The NGO clients are given equal importance as the commercial ones, sometimes even more. The professional guidance and services along with reasonable price is provided.

Inventory Valuation Services

For small scale businesses, large scale businesses and for individuals, we offer Inventory Valuation Services. It comes in an affordable price along with excellent customer support. As per client’s requirement, we provide exact solutions for the Inventory Valuation Services. Clients ask for different services and hence we offer specific solution for specific services and produce great results.

Inventory Valuation Process

Inventory Valuation Services

The range in Inventory Valuation service of ours is not limited. We provide only precisely value-added solutions for every need of the clients. These solutions often carry extra information which is beyond the account measures of the cost. Our employees are vastly talented and experienced in particular fields so that they can produce totally error free valuation of finished or semi-finished stock in well before the specified time. These services include the following aspects.

  • Inventory pacification services
  • Reporting the inventories
  • Fixed assets inventory
  • Inventory management.