Business Setup Services

Liberalization of Business Setup Services in India

Due to the huge industrialization revolution which occurred in the India in the last few years, setting up a business has been spread widely. But this process of setting a business up still require many processes like company formation, legal approval if required, some government certificate or registration with various authority. We provide our valuable clients a special kind of business setup solution which is based on the “turnkey” methodology which completely takes care of all the worries of our client. We take care of legal compliances and registration with the authorities, approvals etc to provide a business set up readily in the shortest time frame.

Various processes for set up of a business-

Business Setup Services

Various steps which are involve in setting up a business in India can be broadly grouped into three steps which are as follows-

Investment approval

Integration of the Liaison office/ foreign branch, company

Registration with various Authorities

Investment approval for the business-

In this modern era, starting a business and making an investment in India does not need any approval and these are considered under the automatic route. However for some kind of business setup approvals are required. That is why we provide our services to get all the approval from Reserve Bank of India (RBI) or the Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) as needed. Our service extends for planning a strategy for mode of the business setup that is Setup of Subsidiary Company, Liaison Office Setup or Foreign Branch Setup whichever is desired. Investment approval will decrease many of the worries including financial solution. And the setup we provide will do the approval job in minimal time.

Integration of the Liaison office \ foreign branch, company


In order of setting up a business or doing any investment for the trade in India through restricted legal responsibility involves listing with the Registrar of Companies. Formation of a company may involve many steps like acquiring directors identification number (DIN) and digital electronic signature of directors, preparation of memorandum of associations, name approval etc. our business solution methods will take care of all the necessary agreement and procedure for integration of the company and try to provide our clients’ needs of a perfect business setup in the shortest time span.

Registration with Various Authorities-

In India, to make a business setup fully working, the company needs to register with various types of tax, labor and other authority in power. For an example a trading setup is mandatory to get listed with income tax department, sales tax/ VAT authorities etc. our set up solution for the business depending upon “turnkey” methodology, provides services for giving registration with different authorities immediately after integration. These services we provide gives our client a readily full functional business setup in the shortest time span.

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